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Bedford School Lunch Program - April 2017 Newsletter


Bedford School Lunch Program

May 2017 Newsletter

According to a recent study, elementary school children stand a greater risk of gaining weight during summer months. To help overcome this challenge why not have recess at home! All kids should strive to get 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Recess at home is designated time outside of school where students have opportunities for unstructured play. It’s a great time for parents to join in physically active games and activities with their children as well.

Take Action

Schedule recess at home to encourage regular physical activity and moving together as a family.

Sitting less and moving more is important for good health, and recess at home can contribute to a more healthy family!

Ask your PE teacher to suggest to parents easy physical activity games they can play with their children at home.

Issue a family challenge like achieving a Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA). Learn more about going for the PALA+ Challenge.

Schedule 20 minutes of family recess at home each weekend. Ask students to journal about the activities they played or reward them with healthy incentives for being active.

Choose activities the family already enjoys. Or, have each family member pick a special activity on a rotating basis.

Alternatively, try a new activity together! A new dance form, sport or game might will make families laugh, create new memories and perhaps learn use a “new” muscle!


Not sure where to start? Go for a family walk for recess after dinner. Walking is the simplest way to start being physically active, it costs nothing to get started!

Schedule recess, just like schools do. Identify 20 to 30-minute time slots during the week. Choose times of the day or week when everyone is most likely to stick to the schedule and if a conflict comes up during your physical activity time, reschedule instead of cancelling. Post your schedule on your refrigerator so all can see.


Ken Whittier

Food Service Director

Bedford Public Schools


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