Science, Engineering and Technology Course Descriptions

Science, Technology and Engineering Courses 

Program Of Studies

The Bedford High School Science, Technology and Engineering program offers a wide variety of courses from the core physics, chemistry, biology classes to a full range of Advanced Placement courses. Electives in Anatomy, Robotics, Forensics, and Marine Science allow students to explore areas of interest. Below is a listing of courses offered at Bedford High School.

Core Science Curriculum: (High Honors, Honors, College Prep)
Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Advanced Placement:
Biology, Chemistry, Physics 1&2, Physics C (Mechanics and E&M), Environmental Science

Science Electives
STEM Science, Forensic Sciences, Marine Science, Astronomy,  Anatomy and Physiology

Technology Courses:
Robotics I-IV, Drafting, Manufacturing Technology

Computer Courses:
Introduction to Computer Sciences, Introduction to Computer Programming, Programming in C, Unix, Shell Programming, Assembly Language Programming, Data Structures, Graphics Programming, JAVA, HTML



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