Bedford students in grades 3-5 enjoy weekly 45 minute sessions with a specialist in teaching music. Theory, appreciation of the Masters, and producing pleasurable music with voice and simple instruments form the core of the general music curriculum. Students also have the opportunity to learn about performance techniques and dance. Through team planning by Lane School Staff, the music program and the academic curriculum are well-integrated, which gives greater meaning to student work in both areas. Music in the Bedford Schools has received strong support from the Enrichment Committee of the B.E.S.T. / P.T.O. and from the community organization called POMS (Patrons of Music Students).

Beginning in fourth grade, students may elect to learn to play a string instrument; in fifth grade, students may continue with strings and/or take woodwind or percussion instrument lessons. Small group instruction for elementary Band and Orchestra students is provided by trained specialists, who also work with instrumental students at the Middle School and High School in Bedford.

Please be aware that fourth and fifth grade instrument lessons take place during the regular school day. The scheduling affords all Lane School students the opportunity to learn to play an instrument. Students electing to participate in instrumental lessons will miss recess once a week and twenty minutes of the classroom instruction follows recess on that day. Before a student signs up for instrument lessons, he or she should understand the added responsibility of making up missed class work and the need for daily instrument practice at home.

Fifth graders may also choose to participate in a non-select Chorus. It is a full-year commitment, which includes public performances and regular attendance at weekly rehearsals. Due to careful scheduling, choral members do not miss any classroom instruction. Chorus is held twice a week, with half of each fifth grade class assigned to one of the two sessions. Fifth grade teachers use both Chorus times to provide extra help and/or challenge, in Language Arts, to the remaining half of the class.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone Other
Nicole O'Toole Band (781) 275-1700 ext. 4201
Katherine Fuller Music Teacher (781) 275-7606 ext. 135
Brianna Pesce Orchestra (781) 275-1700 ext. 4202 Website
Natan Wythe Music Teacher