Foreign Language

Welcome to the Foreign Language Department at John Glenn Middle School!

The study of a foreign language provides each student an opportunity to understand other cultures and communicate in a constantly changing world. Studying the language, culture, and history of other people helps students develop awareness for societal differences and similarities. Second language acquisition is an ongoing process. Courses in our curriculum are articulated to recycle and re-enter previously learned material at a more sophisticated level as the student moves from elementary to more advanced courses, as guided by the state curriculum frameworks and national standards. As part of the transition from elementary school to middle school, there is an initial focus on writing at the 6th grade level. Our curriculum allows each student to reach his or her maximum degree of proficiency in the four basic skills of second language acquisition: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone Other
Sophia Grammenos Teacher (Spanish 6,7,8) ext. 8090 Website
Tracey Greenspan Teacher (Spanish 7,8) ext. 8002 Website
Bonnie Klein Teacher (Spanish 6,7) ext. 8049 Website
Osvaldo Mejia Teacher (Spanish 7) 781.275.1700 ext. Website
Wendy Tanahashi-Works Teacher (French 6,7,8) ext. 8083 Website
Dana Curran Program Director (3-12) 781.275.1700 ext.5500 Website