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Title I Handbook


Bedford Public Schools has provided Targeted Assistance Title I remedial math programs in the Davis, Lane, and JGMS schools since 2004. The mission of Title I, a Federal anti-poverty entitlement grant, is to help students most at risk of failing to achieve state standards.

Some facts about Title I:

  • It is one of the ten grant programs under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965, reauthorized under No Child Left Behind in 2002
  • The district's Title I funding is based on the number of students receiving free and reduced lunch as a percent of the school population
  • There is a highly regulated, annual application procedure
  • Instructors must be highly qualified, and instruction and assessment must meet federal accountability standards
  • Title I coordinates with and supports general education programs; Title I instruction may not "supplant" other instructional programs;
  • Title I embraces parent involvement and education. There is shared responsibility for high student achievement accomplished in Bedford through Title I School-Parent Compacts, progress reports, surveys, newsletters, and parent math nights.


Some Questions You May Have About the Bedford Title I Program:

  • How are students selected for this program?
  1. A rank ordered student list based on need is created (a program requirement). Math teacher recommendations, prior and intake math assessments, and MCAS scores determine need for math remediation. Free and reduced lunch status is also a component of the ranking, especially for SES eligibility.
  2. Invitations are mailed to the most eligible students based on the available allocation. After receiving the Title I letters, parents have two weeks to call or send in their permission slips.
  3. If not enough parents enroll their child in the program; we go down the eligibility list in rank order, and send out new invitations until the program is filled.
  4. If an opening occurs because a student no longer needs Title I or moves, we invite other students from the list of eligible students.


What is SES?

SES stands for Supplemental Educational Services. When a Title I school has not met its Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) target for two consecutive years, the district must offer SES. This is the first year that Bedford Public Schools has offered this opportunity to parents from its Title I allocation to students at JGMS. The intention of SES is to permit parents in under-achieving schools to seek tutoring for their children from a selected provider list.

Learn more about Title I in Massachusetts! http://www.doe.mass.edu/titlei/students/

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