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Mr. Ackerman's Blog

Mr. Ackerman's Blog
Lane School News
  • Lots of ways to connect with Lane
    There are several different ways to receive news coming from Lane.  All parents should sign up for the e-newsletter (sign up can be found at bottom of district website) For those of you who like to receive more updates, such as shared photos, glimpses into daily life at Lane, and...
  • Interview with Ms Herman
    For our continued series on new staff, here is a short interview with Ms Herman, one of two new grade 4 teachers. 1. What makes you excited about coming to the Lane School? I’ve been so impressed by far by the faculty I’ve met at Lane. It seems like a...
  • Interview with Ms Chadzutko
    Ms Chadzutko is one of two new Grade 4 classroom teachers starting in September. Since many people are always curious about the “new teacher,” I thought I would continue or annual informal interview with new hires so the community can begin to get to know them. 1.  What makes you...