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Lt. Job Lane Elementary School


Mr. Ackerman's Blog

Mr. Ackerman's Blog
Lane School News
  • Its more than just fashion…..
    What a morning we had at Lane. The first ever Lane Trashin’ Show was held. Designers and models from all three grades showed off their Spring Collection of recyclable clothing. You can watch the Runway Show below. Lots of creativity and fun!!!!!
  • Grade 5 Talent Show
    Our annual Grade 5 Talent Show took place this past week. I like to say “this event is about the kids, not the adults!!” A few quotes from parents: The support that I saw students giving one another was something that will bond them together as a class as they...
    The Lane School will be administering the PARCC test to all students starting next week. Here is my FAQ based on questions I have received from parents. What is being tested? Reading, Writing and Math in March and then again in May Is it being administered online, like JGMS? No,...