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Mr. Ackerman's Blog

Mr. Ackerman's Blog
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  • Interview with Ms Herman
    For our continued series on new staff, here is a short interview with Ms Herman, one of two new grade 4 teachers. 1. What makes you excited about coming to the Lane School? I’ve been so impressed by far by the faculty I’ve met at Lane. It seems like a...
  • Interview with Ms Chadzutko
    Ms Chadzutko is one of two new Grade 4 classroom teachers starting in September. Since many people are always curious about the “new teacher,” I thought I would continue or annual informal interview with new hires so the community can begin to get to know them. 1.  What makes you...
  • Your Tips For Reading…
    Last week I shared some of my challenges as a parent in getting my sons to read nightly before going to bed. I ended my email by asking Lane parents to share strategies, which have worked with their children. Seems only right that we should all try and learn from...