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Summer Letter, 2016

Dear Bedford High School Parents and Guardians,

It is hard to imagine that we are already at the end of July.  The summer months go by so quickly.  I hope that you have had time to spend together as a family.  As a new principal, I have been working over the summer in preparation for the opening of school.  

As part of the induction process, I have been meeting with a number of faculty and community members over the past few weeks. The conversations have been enlightening, rich, and informative.  I am getting to know the Bedford High School community and am excited and energized by what I am learning. Bedford High School is a great place full of tradition, yet unafraid to embrace change.  I am proud to be part of this district and the Bedford High School faculty.  I am proud to continue the deep and meaningful work of our district.  I am most proud to work in a district where students are not viewed merely as statistics, but as individuals with unique talents and potential.

I have also informally met some Bedford High School students working at Summer Adventures and have chatted with our future students (campers), the oldest to graduate in 2017 and the youngest to graduate in 2029.  Students of all ages were quick to let me know who their "favorite teacher" is.  Some of our high school students reminisced about a teacher from elementary school.  Many teacher names were proudly shared.  I am reminded that the strength of high school includes the joint efforts of educators at the elementary and middle school levels.  Students also provided me with advice on what it will take to be a successful Principal.  The high school students repeatedly begged me to "keep X Block." The elementary students had more advice, some of which included.

"have a smile on your face and it will spread the positivity around" 
"be nice" 
"be helpful if people don't know what to do"
"bring Bedford Farms ice cream with LOTS of toppings" 

Such sage advice from our little ones.  Though many years from now, I am eager to have them at the high school.  I also look forward to getting to know more high school students personally throughout the year.  I want to thank Ms. Sweetland, Ms. Powell, and Ms. Kelly (the Main Office staff) as well as Ms. Boynton and Ms. Larimore (our Assistant Principals) for helping in my transition to the high school.  I have joined a wonderfully caring and hardworking team. They were also instrumental in assembling this packet of useful information, some of which is highlighted on the following pages.  Please read through the entire packet as some portions need to be returned.  

Enjoy the remaining weeks of the summer.  I look forward a vibrant and full school come September.

Heather Galante
Principal, Bedford High School

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