Special Education

The Bedford Schools embrace the concept of inclusion, which supports the education of students with special needs with their peers within the general education classrooms, and the concept of integration, which enables students with special needs to have received appropriate levels of needs and services, and be included in the activities of the school environment.

Special education personnel will provide services to children with special needs. Children with special needs shall be placed outside the general classroom only after in-class options and/or modifications are attempted and only to the extent outlined in the student’s IEP as agreed upon by the IEP Team. Successful integration requires collaboration and cooperation among students, parents, teachers and administrators to create and maintain a successful educational experience for all students.

Learning Centers are small groupings of students with documented disabilities who receive Special Education services. The child’s Individual Education Program dictates the focus of the class. Learning Centers provide skill-based strategies and remediate gaps in knowledge and primary skills, and teach compensatory skills in order to reinforce classroom instruction. Specialized instruction may include but is not limited to teaching, demonstrating, practicing, providing, and assisting students with the following:

  • compensatory skills
  • accessing the curriculum
  • content material to help a student understand classroom lessons
  • strategies for reading coursework materials
  • study strategies
  • organizational plans for written work
  • time management skills for long-term projects
  • test-taking strategies
  • memory strategies
  • re-teaching or pre-teaching to supplement class lessons
  • breaking down and/or synthesizing tasks and information
  • advice and guidance in dealing with a wide range of school issues
  • unique to each student’s disability

When textbooks are used they are usually the classroom texts, but supplemental material may also be used. Teacher designed material is also frequently employed to individualize instruction.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone Other
Michelle DellaValle Program Administrator Ext. 1140
Victoria Breslin STEP Program Liaison Ext. 8018
Celia Gisone Bridge Program Liaison Ext. 8078
Nicole Myles Liaison Ext. 8116
Christina O'Donnell SAIL Program Liaison Ext. 8012
Lael Piehl Crossroads Program Liaison Ext. 8121
Deborah Savarino Liaison Ext. 8058
Tami Toomey Liaison Ext. 8035
Lydia Vliet School Psychologist Ext. 1145
Cassandra Hinz Liaison Ext. 8002 Website
Shawn Daley Counselor - STEP Program Ext. 8026
Brittany Morley School Psychologist - Bridge and SAIL Programs Ext. 8046