Foreign Language

Welcome to the Foreign Language Department at Bedford High School!

BHS FL Department 16-17

We believe all students can learn another language and will need to participate in a global society. It is our mission to help them develop their communicative abilities and cultural awareness. In modern language courses, students engage in real-world communication tasks and explore commonalities and differences among global cultures. In classical language courses, students work toward analyzing authentic materials from the ancient world and exploring its impact on our language and world.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone Other
Kimberly Alexander Teacher Ext. 8019 Website
Anna Bueno-Salinas Teacher Ext. 3210 Website
Carlos Caprioli Teacher Ext. 8017 Website
Dana Curran Program Director Ext. 5500 Website
Lisa Flannery Teacher Ext. 8071 Website
Cíntia Laurencio Teacher Ext. 8100 Website
Tara McKenna Teacher Ext. 8022 Website
Osvaldo Mejia Teacher Ext. 8052 Website
Lisa Taub Teacher Ext. 8023 Aspen Webpage
Karen Santos Educational Assistant Ext. 8060