Viewing Grade Information

Grade information in Aspen is stored in two different places - under the Academics tab and on the Student's Transcript.

Information on the Academics Tab

If you click on the Academics Tab in Aspen, you will see grading information as it is released by the classroom teacher. This information is made up of individual assignments the teacher releases. Teachers will release information according to the schedule set forth by each school. Some teachers may release information more often than that schedule.

When you click on the Academics Tab at the top, you will see the list of your child's classes and the average at that time. The average will fluctuate as graded assignments are released by the teacher. Click on a class, then on the Assignments side tab for more details.

Information on the Student's Transcript

The student's transcript is their permant grade record. Grades get posted to the transcript at progress report time and at the end of each quarter. You can access a student transcript as follows:

Parent Account Users

From a parent account:

  • Click on the Family Tab
  • Click on the student you wish to view (families with multiple students will see all their children in the list)
  • Click on the Transcript side tab

Student Account Users

From a student account:

  • Click on the My Info Tab
  • Click on the Transcript side tab

You can print Report Cards and Progress reports for BHS and JGMS students by following the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to the Transcript Side tab from the instructions above.
  2. Choose the report you want from the Reports menu
  3. Select the grade term by clicking on the magnifying glass next to Term
  4. Click Run

Once you are on the Transcript tab, you can view the grades for each course on the screen. To view prior year's grades, change the filter at the top right from Current Year to All Records. You can view more detail on each class section by clicking on the year on the same line as the class you are interested in.